"Jenni is an amazingly gifted therapist, who if you are ready to make changes in your life is prepared to give you the insight to see how the choices you make play out daily, and to give solid advice and guidance for redirecting. She is honest, thoughtful, caring, warm, empathetic and demanding, expecting you to be true with yourself and your process.

I first started seeing Jenni just over two years ago to deal with the trifecta of a new job, a move across states, and a failing relationship. I felt overwhelmed because it seemed that all areas of my life were converging negatively. I couldn't understand how I had ended up in such dire straights, and didn't know how to turn things around. I was really focused on getting my now ex-boyfriend to go to therapy with me, when a friend suggested that I do my own sessions, and I am so thankful to that friend, to the ex-boyfriend for making my life so miserable that i was ready to face real and challenging therapy, and to another friend who referred me to Jenni.

It turned out, I needed to deal with a whole host of traumatic events from my childhood, that were continuing to impact me in ways I was completely unaware of. Working in therapy with Jenni helped me to see how I was letting the past govern my future, and helped me learn how to work through those issues so that I can live my life with purpose instead of always reacting to things around me. Therapy with Jenni has been the best gift I could have given to myself, and it has prepared me for a clean slate with respect to how I view and interact with the world.

If you are ready to take the reigns on a life with meaning, I highly recommend Jenni for therapy without reservation."

~ Sarah P.

"Jenni is incredible. She has the balance down between sensitivity and tough love. We only worked together for a short while as I relocated to another city, but in that time I felt like I had known her for years and am constantly reminding myself of certain things she has said. She is also trained and licensed as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, which means she spent an additional 3 years past traditional studying to learn this specific type of therapy. The premise of Somatic Experiencing is that as human beings we have become so smart that we have trained ourselves to inhibit our natural healing processes - such as avoiding, stuffing, denying etc. In the wild when an animal experiences trauma, they fully experience it and then are able to completely let it go. Somatic Experiencing helps individuals to fully embrace trauma such that it can be completely released. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those committed to their own growth, healing and peeling back the layers of the onion."

~ Chimine A.

"Jenni is the therapist I thought I would never find. I have always believed that therapy can work wonders for a person's mind and spirit when the therapist/patient relationship is strong and thriving. That relationship can be a challenge to build and so my own therapist/patient relationship remained elusive. A dear friend, whose recommendation I trusted implicitly, recommended Jenni during one particularly difficult moment. That recommendation was truly a gift and I hope others reading these reviews take them as a testament to the strong, collaborative relationship Jenni strives to build with all her patients.

After having worked with Jenni for sometime, I am impressed to take a step back and realize how much better I understand myself, my actions, and my reactions to the everyday challenges we all face. I have such a better understanding of my person, my core values, and what I need to make relationships of all varieties thrive. When you're in Jenni's office she makes you feel she is your champion - both by supporting your positive behaviors and never failing to provide strong feedback if your slipping into old, less productive habits. She helps you discover those aspects of yourself that control the greatest percentage of your happiness.

None of this happens overnight; both the therapist and the patient need time to develop report and trust, but I hope to convey that Jenni is worth the commitment and she will help discover in you the things that are going to bring the greatest satisfaction with your life."

~ Kellen M.

“Jenni is the best.… She always says that her job is to align her patient's body, mind, and soul, and, as strange as it may seem to say, I can really feel that happening the longer I work with her. And the feeling is just wonderful.… She is always kind, yet frank—so at moments when you are lying to yourself, she will help you see it in a way that makes you feel good about it. She is very perceptive and overall really smart—so whether it be an article, book, or an entire process she created to identify exactly what you want in a romantic partner—chances are she has the right tool to help you grow. And overall she is just a genuine human being, who will give her all to every session she has, and lives her own life according to the principles she believes in.”

~ Ed M.

“Jenni is an amazing therapist. I worked with her regarding my relationship with my partner. Jenni was incredibly insightful into what we should avoid doing in our relationship and what would contribute to the growing of our relationship into something even more beautiful.… Her wisdom, insight and efficiency of getting to issues quickly are outstanding. She is faster at getting results than any other therapist I have worked with.… If you're looking for a life coach or therapist, she's the one!”

~ Mark S.

“I've been seeing Jenni off and on now for years. She was great for me when I needed some longer term therapy, but she's also been wonderful when I've needed short term (couple of months) help to deal with particular issues…. I really like that in my time with her, she is always very focused on exactly how she can help me - I never feel like I'm just sitting there talking about my day - this is work! And such worthwhile work. She has given me homework on numerous occasions, and I absolutely love this, as I feel it helps make any therapy session spread across my week, so I'm not just thinking deeply about these issues in a single session then dropping them until next time. I get my money's worth out of my time with her.”

~ Anonymous

“Jenni helped my partner and I through a rough time after 20 some years together. Neither of us had been to therapy before and at the beginning resisted the thought of going. Jenni made both of us feel very comfortable and taught us both how to better communicate and understand each other and our needs. After about 6 months we felt that we had reached our goal and Jenni was supportive in having us move on but also left the door open to come back at any time should we need a "refresher." The entire experience changed both of our minds about therapy and I would highly recommend Jenni to anyone on the fence about therapy.”

~ Jill A.

“Jenni really helps you get from where you are (whether that be a place of mild dissatisfaction or a major life crisis), to where you want to be -- not by giving easy answers, but by offering support and guidance so you can work yourself there as you're ready. Working with Jenni has also helped me turn what might otherwise be major crises or breaking points into opportunities for personal growth, healing, and ultimately deeper strength in myself and openness towards the world.”

~ Sara J.

“I'm about to end another stint of time seeing Jenni, and once again I'm struck by how much I learn from our sessions. She has helped me with so many different issues, from depression and anxiety, to relationship issues, to issues of self-worth, to understanding my needs - we've been all over the place, and she always helps me gain a deeper perspective on whatever is going on in my life. Even on those days that I come in feeling happy with nothing particularly pressing going on, she helps me to think deeply about just what it is that's helping me to feel so content in my life, and how I can leverage knowledge of those good things as resources during the bad times.”

~ Betsy F.